Shot Booster: natural support

February 3, 2022

Vitamin C, NAC, Magnesium spray, Turmeric blend

by Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

Protocol Suggestion for Booster Shots

This protocol is intended for extra support either after booster shots, or from 1 month after the first shot. It is not meant to replace medical advice - always consult your health care professional regarding treatment.  Supplements can interact with medications, or may not be suitable for you. 

The main concern expressed by health professionals regarding the shots (including the cumulation of multiple shots) is the unknowns around long term health effects including blood clots, blood sugar handling, fatigue, fertility, cardiovascular, neurological and immune function complications, and other issues.  Having studied Kinesiology for 4 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, and now with 25 years experience, I have worked with individuals using refined muscle testing to identify the priority requirements for extra support for those who have received any of the shots.  After performing this testing on many people, I find the body's energetic system and mitochondrial function could use extra support at least for a few months. 

Dr. Stephanie Seneff (of MIT) has suggestions as a shot detox to remove spike protein by breaking it down.  She suggests this also for "long haul covid".   (1)

  • eat ONLY certified organic foods, to avoid glyphosate and other chemicals in toxic food.  (Glyphosate enhances negative reactions to shots.) 
  • Get a lot of safe sunlight exposure to the skin and eyes,  (short exposure without sunscreen or sunglasses but look away from the sun)
  • Focus on high sulfer foods to support mitochondrial health - you could also take "sulforaphane" capsules.  (Garlic, onions, kale, cabbage, broccoli, eggs)

I have worked with people who have had all 4 of the approved shots in North America, and there appears to be an effect on mitochondrial function - this is supported in Dr. Seneff's comments in the link below.  Mitochondria act like a battery in our cells, manufacturing 90-95% of the body's electrical energy.  Think of them like a car battery is to the car.  (See my blog on Mitochondrial Support.)  

You can do correction #5 right now, wherever you are,  in 1 minute

as no products or purchases are required. 

The correction appears to have an immediate effect on cell energy which appears to temporarily return it to normal healthy levels - it must be repeated 2 x per day for at least 1 month to maintain and stabilise the correction. 

It is very important to eat a supportive, nutrient dense diet especially at this time, and eliminate or minimise alcohol consumption.  Organic foods are highly preferable as they DO have a higher life force energy (which is transferred to you when you eat the food) and the absence of genetically modified organisms and Glyphosate.  Glyphosate ("Roundup") can be found in very high levels in non organic foods including wheat bread, and corn products including syrup, and sugar. 

Glyphosate is disruptive and inflammatory on many levels, including the digestive tract and brain.  Drink 2 litres of water per day, and eat a diet high in vegetables - especially green vegetables and the squash/sweet potato family, high natural GOOD fat (ie. avocados, grass fed butter, organic eggs, goat cheeses, and natural animal fats in meat and wild fish such as sockeye, mackerel, sardines), and less grain.

Have vitamin D levels checked - my Dr. has me on 5,000 iu/day of "D drops" (Carlson brand in USA) and my D levels are optimal.  (190 nmol/L in Canadian measurments.) Include 1 rounded tablespoon raw sauerkraut such as "Bubbies" brand on the side with your salad or veg every day, for a food source of vitamin K2.  It is  important for absorption of vitamin D, as well as for blood sugar handling. Magnesium, mentioned below, is also important for optimal vitamin D absorption. 

I have addressed these health concerns for my friends and family using natural, readily available supplements, and would like to share it with those of you who would like extra support.   Always check with your Dr. before taking supplements - especially if you are on medications, as some can interact. Take for at least 3 months, but preferably continue for an indefinite period until more is known about possible long term effects of the shots.

NOTE: Turmeric may not "agree" with about 10% of those I have tested.. If it does not agree with you, instead take chlorella  with 1 "activated charcoal" capsule per day.  This works well with the chlorella to remove chemicals and poisons from the body more efficiently.

1.   NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)  3/day  (1+1+1) 

2.  Bhastrica breathing should be done for 3 weeks after the booster, beginning 2 hours after the shot - this is a vital preventative step to assist the escape of nanoparticles through the lungs before they are absorbed.  Do this outside, or in front of an open window.  If you must do it indoors, keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water (50/50) handy and spray the area afterwards to clean the air.  See link below for video. 

Repeat 20 forceful breaths, 6 x hr for the first hour, then 4 x hr the rest of the day.  Days 2-5 repeat at least 6 times a day, starting when you wake up.    

3.  Turmeric Blend - I make it in a container and put it in empty size 0 gel caps (Healthy Planet). Take  5 caps/day, (2+2+1) or add as a powder to veg juice or soups/stews total 1 1/4 tsp day.  (Buy bags of organic turmeric, ginger, and a small bag of black pepper powders at Healthy Planet. Combine 4T turmeric, 1T ginger, 1 tsp pepper.)   After 3 months you can reduce to 2 caps a day if desired.

4.     Magnesium and Detox bathThe body's mitochondrial function is challenged from both the shots and covid infection.  It takes only 20 minutes to energetically detox your electrical and energy fields by adding 1/2 cup aluminum free baking soda to 2 cups Epsom salts in a comfortably hot bath - bath 20 min.   It is only necessary to add the baking soda once approximately every 2 weeks.   

Magnesium - either Epsom salts baths (2 cups in comfortably hot water for 15-20 min every 2nd  day) or purchase a topical magnesium spray such as  "Calm".  2 sprays on chest, 2  x day, or a combination of both)

5.       These 3 quick and simple electrical corrections appear to give immediate energetic support to mitochondrial function. They take literally 1minute to complete all 3.  Do them 2 x day for at least one month.  They are also easy to integrate into any exercise or yoga routine. 

  • ionization breathing:  Using thumb and 4th finger, close right nostril with thumb, deep inhale through left nostril. Hold breath while you deeply inhale through left nostil, cover left with 4th finger and inhale through right nostril.  Repeat back and forth about 10 x
  • Left Right Polarity:  Make "hitchhiker fists", making a fist with thumb extended. Cross your wrists and place thumbs in the hollows under you collar bones (end of kidney meridian). Massage thumbs quickly in circles about 10 x, then remove the upper wrist and place it under the other wrist. Massage.  Repeat these two steps once more.
  • Heart Electrical Field Regeneration:  Place either hand across the center of the chest level with the heart.  Move your hand out 1-2" from your body - this is your "electrical body".  Hold your hand there for about 20 seconds.  You will feel "activity" as warmth or tingling as your electrical field is healed. 

6.  Vitamin C    2,000mg, 2 x day for at least 6 wks.  

7. Chlorella:  This is a highly nutritious algae food which also provides support for depleted  mitochondria.  It comes in pressed powder tablets, capsules, and loose powder.  Because it's a food, recommendations correctly recommend a high number of tablets per day, so you may want to save the tablets for travel, and use the loose powder in foods - it combines very well with avocado and blueberries.  1 tsp, 2 x day for at least 1 month.  It's good to take at least some chlorella on a regular basis because of it's high nutrient density.

Chlorella Recipes


1 tsp chlorella, 2/3 cup frozen or fresh organic blueberries OR 1 avocado, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup coconut milk.  Blend and "structure" the smoothing.  (NOTE: Blending foods renders them less digestible. To re-integrate or "structure" blended foods, stir briskly 40 x left, 40 times right.) 

Chorella with coconut milk yoghurt

Stir 1tsp chlorella powder into 3/4 cup plain coconut milk yoghurt.  Add 1/3 cup blueberries, and top with a dab of organic whipped cream, organic hemp seed or chopped walnuts, and dark maple syrup.


Chlorella Guacamole

Add 1 tsp Chlorella to a serving of your favourite guacamole recipe - TIP:  It should contain ample quantities of cilantro, garlic, cayenne pepper, and lime juice, to absorb the taste of the chlorella.

NOTE: priorities to immobilise or eliminate Vax nano particles:  NAC, Bhastrika breathing, detox bath, Mitochondrial support exerecises (#5)

TIP for those with shoulder/deltoid muscle pain months after the shot:

My general health and energy levels, according to all medical tests, were the best in my life after following these protocols.  The only concern was I still had an ache in my right shoulder 6 months after my JnJ shot, and it just wasn't going away - this is what I took for it daily for 1 month, divided into 3 x day.  Note that the deltoid muscle is on the lung acupuncture meridian.  #18 under "Semi Precious Stone Jewelry" blog, is very effective for supporting the deltoid muscle and relieving stress related to it.

  • 2 gm natural source vitamin C
  • 3 NAC 
  • 2 tsp chlorella powder
  • 6 sulforaphane (2+2+2)

Supplement Info

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is best taken in natural source form such as elderberry or sea buckthorn.  The best capsules I've found in the Toronto area are at Healthy Planet..  "Can Prev" brand “Synergy C vitamin C complex” 500mg (with Sea Buckthorn) 2 x 2 per day.  This contains several natural sources of vitamin C for bioavailability.  You can also purchase "Flora" brand elderberry crystals (they do not contain sugar) and add 1/2 tsp to a strong cup of hot or cold rose hip tea, or to red grapefruit juice, or juice of 1/2 lemon and water, perhaps with 1T organic maple syrup.  (Orange juice is over rated as a source of vitamin C.)


New research has shown concerns that vitamin C taken in the form of ascorbic acid powder may have complications, therefore to be safe, it is best to use natural sources. 

NAC (N acetyl cysteine)    

This is an amino acid which the body makes, but due to the challenges of today's foods, medications, reduced food quality, and environment, we often need more than our bodies can make.  It is the supplemental form of cysteine, and a vital pre curser the body needs to make glutathione - one of our most powerful antioxidants. 

It helps with detoxification from drugs and environmental factors, replenish glutathione levels in the lungs,  and relieve respiratory symptoms and inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lung tissue. It also helps replenish glutathione to regulate the neurotransmitter glutamate, involved in a wide range of brain functions, including those associated with aging. NAC may stabilise blood sugar by decreasing inflammation in fat cells and therby improving insulin resistance, increase Nitric Oxide production (NO), and reduce heart disease risk by reducing oxidative damage to tissues in the heart.  The boosting of glutathione levels may also improve immune function.  

Magnesium: Magnesium is calming to the body under stress, and helps balance the effects of radiation in our environment.  It is not absorbed well through the digestive tract therefor it is best absorbed topically in a spray such as CALM, or an Epsom salts bath.  For easy compliance,  leave the spray bottle beside your toothbrush as a reminder!  The spray is also ideal for those who do not have access to a bathtub, or you can do a 20 minute foot soak. Optionally after a 20 minute foot soak you can bring the tub into the shower, stand in it, and rinse your body over several times using a jug, then shower. 

Baking Soda (aluminum free - it will say on the label):  This is useful in the bath to instantly clear low, stressfull energies from your energy field.  Add 1/2 cup to the Epsom salt bath at least every 2 to 4 weeks. This is especially helpful for those who have been ill or going through an emotionally rough period. 

Turmeric Blend: Combine 4T organic turmeric powder, 1T organic ginger powder, ¾ tsp organic black pepper.  Either fill size 0 empty gel caps, or stir total of 1 1/4 tsp per day into 1 cup diluted veg juice (50/50 water) such as carrot and beet. I would suggest splitting it into 2 portions per day - or add some to foods such as soups and rice dishes.  Add 1 T organic whipping cream or ¼ tsp extra virgin olive oil to the juice as good a good fat for absorption.  Adding cream will also tone down the taste of the turmeric.


Dr. Stephanie Seneff (

NAC info