Protect Yourself From Every Day Radiation,

& give your body tools it needs to cope more easily

February 25, 2022

by Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

 Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and microwaves are an unavoidable fact of life today. However there are basic things we can easily do to effectively reduce exposure and give our bodies extra support to cope with these man made frequencies. .   (Watch for my upcoming book “Home and Office Energy Medicine – Beyond Feng Shui”.)

After Kinesiology testing volunteers and clients, I can tell you that common radiation exposure and EMFs are at the top of the list of causes for today’s illnesses, and appears to negatively impact the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself.  Much of the problem is due to mitochondrial and DNA damage, which are directly related to aging.  DNA breakage is caused through free radicals produced by oxidative stress.  (See my blog article on mitochondrial function - "Our Biological Fountain of Youth")


Examples of conditions and illnesses associated with EMFs include:

ADHD, Alzheimers, depression, celiac disease and other digestive stress, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, diabetes, premature aging, infertility, and issues surrounding abnormal heartbeat. Cancer is included as well, but overall chronic degenerative disease is much more prevalent than, for example, brain tumors caused by cell phone use, which are a relatively small number of cases. 


EMF researcher Dr. Martin Pall describes studies that show damage from two days on a cell phone is equivalent to 1600 x-rays.  Funding for research on EMF safety was officially stopped in 1986, and since then it has been the fox guarding the hen house scenario.  He describes massive misinformation coming from the telecommunications industry which seeks to discredit scientists and studies that do not support its own “research”.  He makes reference to a specific study where young mice were paired up and placed in high and low radiation environments.  The low radiation mice produced healthy offspring, but by the 3rd generation, the high radiation mice were infertile.  (See the link at the end for the interview with Dr. Pall.)


1. Reduce exposure by adopting a few simple habits!

The first step is to decrease your exposure by adopting a few simple habits, and by EMF proofing your home as much as possible.  Here are some simple strategies to begin with.


  • Switch off your Wifi when you go to bed.  To make this easier, you can buy an outlet remote switch at most big box home stores.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth devices where possible, especially in the car.
  • In the bedroom, put your phone on airplane mode at night.  Keep it at least 3 ft away from your bed 
  • Do not carry your cell phone on your body.  This may be more challenging for men who often keep their cell phone in their pants or jacket pocket – ideally carry it in a “man bag” but if that’s not an option, at least have it switched off and in airplane mode when not in use. 
  • Use your cell phone on speaker where possible, and use a phone stand around the house and in the office so you do not have to be in contact with the phone when carrying it.
  • If you still wear a watch, use a windup or limit battery watches which emit a stead flow of radiation into your wrist. Avoid smart watches.


2.  Simple Ways to begin EMF proofing your home

What are the main sources of EMF’s in the home? Router, baby monitor, TV box, blue tooth, wireless technology, appliances (especially smart appliances), smart meter (this is a big one and very underestimated in it’s damage), LED and fluorescent lighting, computer/printer, cell phone, wireless house phones, dimmers, and home wiring itself are all factors.

  • Keep appliances unplugged when not in use.  Avoid microwave ovens which produce radiations even when switched off.  Replace them with toaster or steam ovens.
  • Hard wire your home computer and avoid wireless mouse and keyboards, use corded phones.  If you still have a clock radio, remove it – even your cell phone on airplane mode is a preferable alarm.
  • Use inexpensive “3 hole star resonator tabs” to neutralize radiations from smart meters which are especially stressful, computers, monitors, printers, oven, microwave, and TV boxes.  The average home would need roughly 6 or 7 tabs, depending on the number of TVs in your home.  These are very effective in removing stressful frequencies.

Locate your neighbour’s smart meter and be sure it is not visible from your

windows as glass does not block radiation.  If it is, ask your neighbor

if you can place a resonator tab on it – it will benefit them as well!

  • Avoid LED and fluorescent lighting, especially for reading.  Use either halogen or incandescent bulbs,  Incandescent bulbs ARE available, typically under the name of “appliance bulbs”.  Very often the kitchen fan light is incandescent or halogen – if so, use this frequently. If you must use LED, such as pot lighting in your ceilings, be sure to use “warm” bulbs, don’t use it more than necessary, and when possible combine it with healthier light sources such as halogen or incandescent.


3.  Use Sansevieria Plants to Harmonise Home Energy

These useful and hardy plants harmonise the energy in your home, including reducing stressful impact from EMF.   Sansevieria are commonly know as the “snake plant”.  NASA has found this plant very effective in improving air quality, but it also has the added property of harmonizing radiations and energies in your home.  The variety we use is all green – normally darker green leaves with a lighter green “snakeskin” pattern on the leaves.  (Do not confuse it with “mother in law’s tongue” – also a Sansevieria but with yellow striped edges.  This does not have the same harmonizing properties.)   


Sansevieria require modest watering every 2 weeks, and does well even in low lighting situations such as basements and media rooms – you will often see them in shopping malls and medical offices with no natural light.   As a rule of thumb, use 2 Sansevieria in the kitchen close to where you spend the most time, 2 in a study very close to the computer or monitor, or at least one on a work office desk, and one in dining and living room areas.  Its peaceful calming energy is even suitable for bedrooms – especially childrens’ bedrooms if there are computers or electronics.


4.  Common foods to help your body cope with radiation!

These specific vegetables have compounds which increase your body’s ability to cope with radiation.  Herbs and green vegetables must be organic to be effective. They produce powerful results, and you may actually be aware of immediate benefits when applying these stragies at times when you have noticed you become tired, such as driving longer distances. 


  • Organic cooked broccoli, spinach, kale
  • green string beans or runner beans
  •  sweet potatoes and baked “sweet potato fries”  
  • varieties of squash such as butternut, baby butternut, and turban squash.   (Sweet potato and squash are effective even if not organic.)
  • One portion of any of the following Herbs:  ½ cup chopped cilantro (handy for rice dishes), 1 tsp dried sage,  1 tsp dried oregano


According to Christine Rosche, board certified nutritionist specializing in digestive health, we have up to 100 trillion micro organisms collectively called the  microbiome and 10 times the number of cells in our body.  99% in large intestine, and 2/3 of our immune lymphocytes are found in the small intestine.   In fact, researchers found that levels of the “ Enterococcus fetalis“ (EF) bacteria in the body, if present and overgrown, was found to be the best predictor of  severe reaction to viruses, even over pre existing conditions such as diabetes, and heart disease, due to its inflammatory effect.


Prolonged EMF exposure (which includes everyone in the modern world ) causes disruption in the gut micro biome.  When yeast and fungi are exposed longer periods of time (like carrying cell phone on your body) their growth starts to increase significantly, and grow out of control.  Doctors have noticed tripling of autoimmune disease and other inflammatory diseases.  Symptoms may not be as obvious as gut discomfort but have other issues related to fungus such as in the toe and fingernails, colds and flu, and inflammation in general and increase susceptibility in our most vulnerable areas as individuals.

Be aware that refined sugar, hard alcohol, &

beer, can be even more destructive to the

micro biome under continuous EMF exposure. 

Sugars combined with EMF are food for yeasts, fungi, and a weak micro biome. Note the recent COVID 19 shots appear to increase EMF sensitivity in individuals who have received them. 


Doctors have noted the tripling of auto immune diseases in general, caused by inflammation.  EMF symptoms include headaches, gut symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue and chronic fatigue, respiratory, cold and flu, Alzheimers, ADD,  irregular heartbeat, fibromyalgia, infertility, and premature aging caused by DNA damage.


5.  Supplements for extra support

 EMF exposure is high in planes, cars, and trains, therefor supplements may be especially helpful when traveling.  

  • Magnesium – This is the #1 priority supplement to help your body recover from typical radiation exposure by protecting from DNA damage. Topical forms are much more bio available than oral magnesium..  Buy magnesium spray or pour 2 cups of Epsom salts hot bath every few days – stay in the bath 15-20 minutes.  If a bath is not convenient at foot soak will also work.  Some elderly people may have a problem getting down into the tub – in this case use a tub stool, or place a comfortable chair by the tub so you are able to place your feet in the filled tub. 


  • Ginkgo biloba (The brand is important. The first few brands I tested were useless. I’m sure there are more acceptable brands , but so far in Canada, I have found Flora and Organika  gingko biloba are good, and in USA “Sprouts” brand is good.)  If you are traveling or for some reason not able to eat the vegetables, taking one ginkgo biloba capsule will be beneficial as an occasional substitute.


  • Probiotics and Fermented foods:  EMF exposure causes growth of unhealthy bacteria.  This causes inflammation and at the same time increases yeast and fungi in the body.  Take one per day  probiotic such as “Metagenics “Ultra Flora Balance”, and as little as 1 or 2T per day of real, refrigerated fermented sauerkraut such as “Bubbies” or “Eden” brands.


  •  Nrf2 This is a biological hermetic that upregulates beneficial antioxidants to improve mitochondrial function if damage does occur.  You can activate it by consuming foods that are high in sulpher coumpounds, and carotenoid compounds, such as: onions, leeks, shallots, garlic, cabbage, kale, eggs (sulpher), and blueberries, cranberries without sugar, strong rose hip tea, pink grapefruit, watermelon, avocado, asparagus, red cabbage, and(carotenoids).


Extra tips for protection: 

  • When travelling, wear a cashmere or silk scarf tied around your neck and covering your upper center chest.  These fabrics protect the thymus gland (upper center chest) from EMF exposure.
  • Purchase basic grounding tools such as a grounding mat for the computer, and grounding pillow case for your bed – use it under your standard cotton pillow case.  Their main site in USA is, but you can purchase in Europe from, and in Canada from   (Photo from




Click link and scroll down to interview with Dr. Martin Pall