Semi Precious Stones -  Jewelry and Home Use 

(Therapeutic quality)

February 13, 2022

By Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

(Disclaimer: The use of semi precious stones to support our health is “energy medicine”, and is not meant to replace medical care with your doctor or other practitioner.  It is meant to be used as energetic support in addition to medical care.)


NOTE: This article will be updated to include home use of stones.

Updated Feb. 24 2024, Bracelet 17, Chrysoprase

Section A

Stones as Vibrational Medicine

How is this therapeutic quality jewelry so unique?

How to wear the bracelets

Which Jewelry is best for you?

My personal favourites

Gemstone Formulas and Properties

Energetic Support for Specific Symptoms

Section B

Semi Precious Stones in Home Use

Stones as Vibrational Medicine

Semi precious stones can have a highly beneficial, supportive frequency - the benefits depend on stone quality, combination of stones, and keeping them energetically clean. Personally, I consider these stones to be a form of alternative medicine, and use them faithfully every day. Most jewelry here contains selenite, which keeps the jewelry's energy clear and optimised while you are wearing it. Those that do not contain selenite will be cleared and optimised by the selenite in other bracelets worn at the same time.

How is this Therapeutic Quality jewelry so unique?

Often when people try on these bracelets for the first time, their eyes open wide with surprise and they may express that they can "really feel it", and have never felt that before.. Why? - what is the difference?

  1. The elastic used is detoxified first in structured water.
  2. The stones themselves are therapeutic grade - each stone is tested to be sure of it's optimal energy, without impurities that may degrade it.
  3. Formulas:  The stones are tested for the optimal formulas of beads to use in the piece, for example bracelet #4 proportions are 2 Amazonite, 1 clear quartz, 1 selenite, then repeated.
  4. Selenite is used in most pieces to charge and clear the stones as you wear them - this way they never need cleaning, and always at optimal energy.  Selenite beads are not always easy to find because they are challenging to manufacture - selenite stone is striated in shards, and cracks easily during processing.    
  5. The glue used to seal the knot is not toxic.
  6. No metal is used anywhere in the jewelry except the pendants, out of necessity, where silver wire is used. Metals temporarily neutralise or diminish the energy of stones while in contact with them.

How to wear the bracelets

Note that bracelets should be worn on the right wrist, with

no other metal jewelry near it - including silver and gold.

For best results and convenience, most jewelry here is in the form of bracelets unless otherwise indicated - in most cases bracelets are the most effective, therapeutic use of the stones. This may be partically due to the fact that there are 6 acupuncture meridians running through the wrists - 3 on top, 3 under - and the frequency of the stones is carried easily throughout the body via the meridians.  

Typically 3 to 4 bracelets are worn on the right wrist - this is related to the way energy flows through the body.  Mens' bracelets and chains normally use smaller 4-6mm beads (for appearance) unless otherwise requested.  Womens' versions use 8 to 10mm beads.  Since most stones do not tolerate metals, most jewelry is metal free except pendants, (24 gauge sterling silver wire), and pearl bracelets. Pearl is unaffected by sterling silver or 18 carat yellow gold. 

Which jewelry is best for you?

To choose the most beneficial stone formulas for YOU, look through Gemstone Formulas and Properties, for properties that suit your situation. You can also scroll farther down to Energetic Support for Symptoms, and make a note of the numbers behind any  symptoms you may have.  Then, cross reference them and note which numbers come up most for your symptoms or areas of concern. 

Wearing 4 bracelets at once is optimal - no more because we want to keep the frequencies clear.  I suggest always including #4 and #21.   They are very balancing for EMF and radiation exposure from cells phone, computers, lighting, etc. which are directly or indirectly related to many of today's health concerns.

My personal favourites

Personally I wear 4 bracelets every day (always #4 and #21, plus two others depending on what I feel), and 1 amethyst ring.  If my voice has to be strong for singing or speaking, I add the pearl necklace with a pearl/amazonite or pearl/peridot pendant, plus an Amazonite necklace.

Sometimes I wear the turquoise howlite necklace with a pendant to add colour and give extra support to the throat chakra.

NEW:  I have recently added the Kyanite necklace, as I was able to find the stones for the first time. This is proving to be a VERY effective protector from EMF's and radiation.  

Gemstone Formulas and Properties

These are the primary energetic properties of each bracelet. Note there are a limited number of pendants, necklaces, and rings included below, where appropriate.  

There are 3 price points for the bracelets, in Canadian dollars.

A $20,   B  $25,  C $30

(Ring and necklaces are individually priced.)

1. Lava rock, pearl, selenite bracelet: release all levels of negativity (generational, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual), clears confusion to see the deeper picture, focus   (A)

2.  Aquamarine, selenite bracelet:  peace, calm, going with the flow (B)  Also use this when grieving the loss of a loved one - human or pet, separation from partner or other distressing loss. 

3.  Rose quartz, clear quartz, selenite bracelet:  love, gentle vibration, self worth, comfort in times of grief, calms adrenal stress  (A)

4.  Amazonite, clear quartz, selenite bracelet: 

EMF/radiation, bones, alleviate worry and fear, calming, universal love   (B)

5.  Carnelian, selenite, clear quartz bracelet: improves analytic abilities, perception, arthritis, protects against anger, resentment, and other negative emotions  (A)

6.   Fluorite (multi colour) and selenite bracelet:   bone density energy and bone regeneration, arthritis, shingles, balance and co-ordination  (B)


7.  Larimar, selenite bracelet:  One of the few bracelets to wear at night for deeper sleep, peace/calm (especially for those with an affinity for water, the ocean, etc), serenity, raises consciousness and vibration, meditation, grief   (C)

8.    Tourmaline, clear quartz, selenite bracelet: 

release tension, balance left and right brain, remove energetic blockages  (B)


9.    Amazonite necklace (pale blue), selenite, clear quartz bracelet:   sooth emotional trauma, bones,  EMF/radiation, voice (singing or speaking)



11.  Turquoise Howlite, selenite, bracelet/necklace:

bones/soft tissue, osteoporosis, balance calcium levels, communication  (A)

12.   Kyanite necklace, knotted, metal free ($120.) I have just brought this out as I have been able to find the Kyanite beads for the first time. 

It is proving to be a VERY powerful protector from the negative effects of EMF and radiation.  Stimulating, encouraging energy.


13.   Pearl bracelet, necklace: 

skin/aging, throat, peace and calm, focus, meditation, healing (mental, emotional, and physical), nervous system  (B), Knotted necklace/metal free $70.

14.   Blue Apatite, selenite bracelet: balances under and over activity, clears confusion, suppress hunger/raise metabolic rate, bones/joints, teeth  (B)

15.   Amethyst, clear quartz bracelet, ring: 

focus when there is a lot going on, serenity, calmness in chaotic situations, releasing anxiety, general healing support, left/right brain integration, 5G stress, supports "order"   (B)


16.  Peridot, amethyst, clear quartz, selenite bracelet:   immune system, sharpens the mind, powerful cleanser/neutralise toxins on all levels,  (can be helpful for sore or weak shoulder/arm Covid shot side effect)



17.  Chrysoprase, selenite bracelet:

detox of liver and negative emotions, support brain energy, joy, liver support, absorption of vit. C  (C)

18.  Green Aventurine, citrine, selenite, bracelet:   balance, anti inflammatory, kidney and liver support, metabolism support, pancreas/diabetes, cleanses energy field from surrounding stress or negativity, physical detox and lymph support, enthusiasm  (B)

19.  Green aventurine, yellow jade, selenite bracelet:

 digestion and elimination systems, bones, lymph, harmony, true to self, blood sugar handling, pancreas, left/right brain integration, teeth/gums, grounding,   (A)

20.  Peridot/pearl pendant: heart energy, throat, peace and calm, emotional healing  ($20)

21. Citrine, amazonite, selenite bracelet: 

solar plexus balance, bone and joint health/healing, EMFs, self confidence, kidneys, phobias, skeletal system  (C)

22.  Green opal, selenite bracelet:  general chemical detox, nourishing and rejuvenating - especially for heart energy, detoxification on physical (liver, heart) and mental level.  (C)

(NOTE: especially effective used with 6 Universal Zones {see blog} zone 3 then 6, done several times a day for 1 wk)

23.  Yellow Quartz, selenite, clear quartz:  anti-inflammatory for general inflammation including joints. Supports detoxification. 

24.  Green Angelite, selenite, clear quartz:   Appears to completely release negativity from the person and their energy field, protection on one's energy from absorbing negative or "low" energies (see blog "Home and Office Energy Medicine").  Works best in combination with Amethyst (#15) and Amazonite (#4) bracelets.

Energetic Support for specific symptoms

All jewelry numbers listed for each area of interest indicate energetic supportive for that area.  Underlined numbers are priority.

Adrenal glands  3, 8, 13, 18

Anti aging: 3, 5, 9, 13

Anxiety:  2, 3, 14, 20

Arthritis:  5, 6, 17, 19,

Autism: 3,6, 8, 19

Beauty: skin firmness/youthfulness 13     

     skin elasticity/skin damage 13, 15, 18   

Blood sugar Handling:   12, 18, 19

Brain balance, clear thinking   4, 8, 15 

Bone density/health: 4, 6, 9, 11, 21

Bone Healing:  15, 21 (ie fracture/replacement)

Calmness  2. 3, 7, 15, 18

Cancer treatment recovery 7, 12, 17, 19

Cellular support: 3, 5, 7,  11, 16

Clarity (mental)  8, 14 

Covid Shot injection site pain/shoulder, 16

Covid shot support/side effects:  3, 15, 16, 18

Depression/feeling more joyful: 3, 13, 12, 15

Detoxification  16, 18, 19, 22

Dementia 1, 8, 16

Digestive system 1, 15, 16


Eating disorders:  1, 14, 15

Emotional stress:  1, 3, 9, 16

*EMF’s, (cell phone radiation, wifi, 5G, etc.) 4, 9, 19, 21 

Eye health/sharp vision   12, 15

Eyestrain/vision at the computer or in artificial lighting: 4, 12, 15, 21

Energy levels/wellbeing in general: 4, 16, 21

General (for those with many issues)  3, 4, 16, 21

Grounding 1, 13, 18

Healing (physical, after injury or surgery) 8, 13, 15

Healing  (emotional, after separation or loss) 13, 7, 20

Health and vitality: 9, 15, 18

Hormone balance, adrenal support:  3, 9, 15, 18

Immune system support   9, 16, 20

Inflammation (acute/chronic) 22

Joints   4, 9, 15, 21

Joy  3, 5, 8, 17 

Life force energy:  9, 13, 15, 20

Meridian balance for humanity in general: 3, 5, 9, 14

Metabolic flexibility: 9,12, 14, 19

Mitochondrial function:  5, 8, 19, 21

Muscular and skeletal system support:  9, 14, 17, 18

Neurological system support:  13, 14, 18

Nutrient absorption: 5, 16, 17

Organ support:

      heart 3, 16   Liver  12, 18

      Pancreas/blood sugar handling 12, 18, 19

      Lung tissue  9, 14, 18, 19   Kidneys 19, 21

Organisation   15

Peace 7, 11, 15, 19

Reproductive system (Male and female):   8

Regeneration and Longevity 9, 18, 21 

Serentiy   3, 15

Shingles   6 (together with support from 4)

Sleep    7 (wear at night)

Teeth/infections: 4, 6, 14, 19

Vertigo/dizziness/balance  9, 15

Vibration/raising   17, 21

Viral infection prevention: 15, 18

*I discovered this specific combination when golfing directly under 10,000 volt high tension wires. I removed the bracelets, and my stress level was 45%, life force energy 0.  I put on the bracelets, stress was 0, life force energy was 40% (down from my normal 80%, but acceptable for a limited time).    #4 is for radiation, #21 is for radiation plus the affect on minerals/bones in the body, and #19 is for pancreatic support/adrenal stress, which is very affected by EMFs. 


Keep your jewelry energetically clean and charged

Semi precious stones must be energetically clean in order for them to work properly – otherwise they absorb and hold negative energy and stress, which comes back to the wearer!  Here is some general information about keeping your jewelry energetically clean, optimised, and working for you!  

1.    Selenite:  Most Zen for Living pieces include selenite where possible -  a soft, translucent white stone, which clears out stress the stones have absorbed, and keeps them functioning at optimal energy.  Selenite should not be washed often, as it is a salt based form of gypsum and will dissolve in water over time - especially in something like a ring when you are washing your hands a lot.  If you want to wash a piece containing selenite, rinse quickly in cold water and pat dry.

  Some "sensitive" stones such as fluorite, carnelian, rose  quartz,citrine, and aventurine, and lava rock, absorb negative energies and deplete VERY quickly on their own. I rarely used these stones before i found selenite beads, because they are so energetically fragile, and it was too challenging to keep their energy positive and clear. 

2.    Windowsill:  For an extra energy boost, you can sit your jewelry on a bright windowsill 30 min before wearing,  It does not have to be sunny - bright daylight is usually fine. Note that some stones such as amethyst can actually fade if left in bright sunlight.

3.    Cool running water:  Hold "non selenite" jewelry under cool running water for 30 seconds.  This may be especially useful for pendants which do not contain selenite as contact with metals makes it ineffective. If you have a ring containing selenite, be careful washing your hands - either remove the ring first, or dry thoroughly after washing. 


 NOTE:  The silver wire used in our pendants is tarnish resistant, but for other silver jewelry you may already have, Tarnished sterling silver will deplete energy of semi precious stones even more, so keep silver very clean and bright, using a soft toothbrush and silver cleaning cream - rinse thoroughly under cool running water.

SECTION 2:  HOME USE of Semi Precious Stones

Crystals can make a real difference in optimising the energy of your home.  I worked with this a lot, working in real estate doing "energy staging" for realtors.  The concept was simply to clear stress and negative energy out of the home, and enhance the energy with various tools.  You can read more about is in my blog - here we will look specifically at which crystals are effective, and where to use them.


The important thing is to make sure they are kept energetically clean.  The easiest way to do this is use them with selenite.   I don't use a large variety of stones - I find there are just a few which are universally beneficial in a home environment.  These are rose quartz, Amazonite, amethyst, clear quartz, and of course selenite.

The material I have found that most enhances the energy of the stones is cork, and to a lesser degree, bamboo.  Ikea sells packages of 2 cork "mug holders" in their kitchen wares department - the larger 4" in diameter is perfect.  Avoid any dishes you may have at home that contain metal such as decorative saucers, as well as mirror.  The metals will neutralise the benefits of the crystals when in contact with them.  

1.  Rose Quartz dish:  rose quartz 100gm , clear quartz chips or pieces 40gm, selenite 30gm in a cork dish.  Good quality rose quartz pieces and beads are easy to find, and reasonably priced. Avoid anything with a strong colour that may have been dyed. 

This is for a strong love, peaceful, or joyful social vibration to eliminate negative energy. 

  • on bedroom end tables quite close to where you are sleeping. 
  • in social areas such as living room coffee table or end tables, dining table
  • main entry area table
  • If you have an area with framed photos of family/loved ones, place a dish there amongst the photos

2. Amethyst dish:  amethyst 70-80gm , clear quartz chips or pieces 30-35gm, selenite 45gm in a cork dish.  Look for a dark purple, slightly opaque.  (Clear bead have been over heated).  There should not be much white visible - some amethyst has white streaks. 


Note your can also use a geode - for a large geode place a piece of selenite into it. If you have a small geode, you can sit it on a piece of flat selenite.  If you have a wall nook in your shower, place a geode there for a serene atmosphere. 

In the home, it is best used in kitchens and bathrooms where there may be a tendency for chaos or clutter,  people rushing about trying to get ready quickly, to avert impatience, etc..  Areas where there is a lot going on, either with activity or a crowded room. Bathrooms and kitchens are also places visited numerous times throughout the day, and regular exposure to the energy of amethyst is therapeutic. I can even support your efforts to keep areas clutter free - you may have a tendency to "tidy up" more.  It can also be useful if there is clutter and chaos outside your home on the street etc.

  • center of a kitchen island (if there is a sink on the island, place it behind the tap).  
  • in bathrooms - especially if you have a "nook" in the shower wall where you can place several pieces as long it is out of the line of water from the shower to keep selenite dry.  Also you can place a small geode on the counter, sitting on a piece of flat selenite.  

3. Amazonite dish or bar:  Amazonite 45-50gm, clear quartz 35gm, selenite 75gm in a cork dish.  The best therapeutic qualiy Amazonite I have have found is pale blue.  It should not have any beige or orange discolourations.  (Some Amazonite is more turquoise and may be dyed, other Amazonite comes in green with stripes, and other colours.) 

I make an amazonite bar to tuck away in hidden places as purely a functional piece, for radiation and/or negative energy from neighbours/wifi, smart meters, etc.,  coming through windows from outside.  This is especially important if you live in a high density urban environment.  The dish can be used instead, except it may be too deep for many windowsills, or in the best location. Note that this needs a much higher proportion of selenite.  In the above photo, I used 10mm Amazonite and clear quartz beads, on a rather thick piece of selenite (about 75gm), threaded like a bracelet and tied to the bar with 1mm stretch plastic cord. 

  • place on table or stool if you have heavy electrical equipment on the other side of the wall, such as an air conditioning unit outside
  • place on any window sills looking out to a neighbours windows, or condos. In a condo, if you have a long area of glass, use one bar (or dish) in the middle of every 8' of window.
  • place on any window sill where you can see a smart meter outside your neighbours house.  (The frequencies travel through glass.)
  • in the kitchen, place on the counter beside your refrigerator or oven.  Some homes come with an oven/stove and microwave over head. Place a bar at the back center of your stove.  It is best not to have or use a microwave oven as it destroys the quality of foods and even water, but if you have one in your home, place a bar on top towards the front. (A microwave should always be unplugged.) 
  • place a bar on top of, or immediately touching your wifi router, TV box,  or any other radiation emitting device.  

4. Himalayan Salt Lamps:  Look for dark pink colour which indicates more minerals. Some come with dimmers - do not use the dimmer - turn it on full to avoid dirty electricity. MOST important - it must be quite warm to work by emitting minerals into the air. Use at least a 15 watt "appliance" bulb. If you want it dimmer, such as in a baby's room, use a red 15 watt bulb in the lamp. 

NOTE:  LED bulbs do not work, and low watt bulbs such as 4 or 7 watt night light bulbs do not get warm enough to work.  You may have also seen coloured salt lamps for computers that plug in to the computer - these have no benefit whatsoever.