Supercharge Your Water!

August 22, 2022

By Karen Berger, BAA, TFH

My daughter-in-law's eyebrows shot up and she gave a gasp of surprise when she first tasted this supercharged water... "OMG it tastes so smooth and hydrating - normally my mouth feels dry after drinking water!" she exclaimed..

I call this supercharged water because according to my testing it is more hydrating than even (one direction) vortexed water, is high energy, and supports healing and normal healthy function even in damaged tissues. It bathes the cells in organs, joints, eyes, and everywhere that requires hydration, in its high frequency.  The condition is that you must drink 5-6 eight ounce glasses  per day for optimal benefit.  Start the morning with one or two glasses before consuming foods.  If you drink coffee, have a glass of structured water first, then the second with or after your coffee. 

I started exploring this because a friend asked me about using semi precious stones to energise drinking water - something I have done before, but shied away from because many stones (especially those ending in "ite" dissolve in water and may be toxic).  In fact - I have been amazed to see people loading their water pitchers with very questionable stones that should not be used in drinking water.  After doing some research I found various quartz stones which are safe to use, and using Kinesiology testing, I sorted through various quartz options. Quartz stones are very hard and not as water soluble. The priorities were:

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Clear quartz, mainly as an amplifier to the frequencies of the first two.
  3. Citrine (a pale yellow quartz)

There is a powerful synergy between these stones -  after only 3 minutes in a jug of  filtered water the water was charged and tasted very different. (Use preferably glass, ceramic, or BPA free plastic jug to store your water.)

                       Avoid placing stones or charged water in metal water bottles

                   as metal has a neutralsing effect on the energy of stones, as well

                       as stone charged water, when in contact with metal.

 About 25 years ago the late Dr. Masaru Emoto presented photographs of frozen water droplets showing the structure - or lack of - of water. In fact what these stones do is STRUCTURE the water through their high vibrational frequency.  The water in our cells is structured, and if we do not drink structured water, our body has to spend a lot of energy structuring it.   There are many benefits of structured water, but one very significant one is the effect on circulation.   Red blood cells are comparatively large, and use structured water, which has "stored energy potential", to help them squeeze through our tiniest capiliaries. 

More Benefits of Structured Water

Clean running streams and springs contain structured water. 

  1. Increase over all energy levels.
  2. High vibrational, energising, healing and detoxifying, balancing to the cells, supports circulation, and is much more hydrating and well absorbed than non structured or "dead" water, such as tap, bottled, and most filtered and processed water - even bottled spring water. 
  3. Being well hydrated with the specific high life force formula described below is exceptional for the skin. Not only does skin begin to look smoother after only a few days, but 2 people I know drinking this water have told me their patches of eczema have all but disappeared after about 2 weeks. 
  4. There is evidence it may have a protective effect against sunburn and sun damage as long as one drinks the full 2 liters per day, and extra if spending a lot of time outdoors in potentially burning sunlight, such as golfing. 
  5. Supports the process of healing and regeneration 
  6. Supports heart energy
  7. May reduce pain. 
  8. Evidence suggests it may ease reverse negativity, sabotage programmes, and other low energy emotions or characteristics, and increase positivity and sense of wellbeing.  

Structured water has a high life force energy which is transferred to us when we drink it  - I measure 90% life force energy using the method below, compared to 0 life force energy from tap water. The taste difference is dramatic - structured water is soft, smooth, easy to drink, and well absorbed.  Unstructured water is normally hard tasting, and not easy to drink. 

And of course, structured water is as good for your

pets as it is for you!!

Clear your granite countertop with structured water!

Granite countertops are common in newer upscale homes - the problem is a lot of granite contains radiations which it naturally absorbs from the ground and holds. The good news is, it is very quick, cheap, and easy to clear completely.  Simply structure a large glass of water and pour some on to the countertop, wiping it around with a cloth or paper towel. It should be visibly a bit wet - not too much water, but a bit wet to the touch.  Wash down the whole countertop including all edges, and underside if you have a ledge.  When finished go back to where you started and dry it off.  (It only has to be wet for about 30 seconds.)

If you are curious and would like to do a taste test to prove the above, pour 2 small glasses of drinking water - place one on the granite countertop, and the other on a neutral surface such as glass or tile.  Wait at least 45 minutes, then take a taste of each.  You will notice quite a difference in the taste - the radiation exposed water will taste harder - almost bitter.  

Why is our tap and bottled water not structured?

Intensive filtering processes, chemicals, and water running through long straight pipes more than 300ft into our homes destroy the natural structure of water.  Dr. Masaru Emoto introduced the world his to his photographs of structured and non structured water about 25 years ago in his book "The Messages in Water" - frozen structured water droplets appear like hexegonal snowflakes or a diamond broach, and unstructured or polluted water appears as a formless dark "blob".  Your body has to work hard to change this water into structured water which it can use.

Pollution/chemicals will also de-structure water.  For the best water at home, find a filter such as from Nikken or Santevia, who use charcoal to clean the water, plus layers of minerals to re-mineralise the water. (Popular filters that only use charcoal have few or no minerals left in the water, which little better than distilled water. )

Healing properties of Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Clear Quartz. 

These crystals "structure" the water transferring their high positive vibrations into the water, then into your cells.  

1. Rose Quartz: Healing properties of Rose Quartz are said to include universal love (in this case showing love to your body and support for self, as well as romantic and plutonic love), unconditional love, heart energy, circulation, recovery, healthy blood pressure, cleansing of fluids in the body, fertility, supports mother and baby love and relationships, protection of the unborn fetus from miscarriage. 

2. Clear Quartz:  The main purpose for clear quartz in the water charger is to amplify the benefits of the rose quartz and citrine, similar to how quartz in a radio amplifies sound waves.  Other healing properties of clear quartz are said to include enhancing vibrations (of the rose quartz and citrine - think of a quartz radio), harmonising the body's over all energy, supports the body against background radiation, especially harmonising for heart and kidney energy. 

3. Citrine:   The main purpose for citrine in my water charger is it tested well for supporting blood sugar handling and hormones.  Other healing properties of of Citrine are said to include emotional balance, reversing degenerative disease, balance chemical imbalance in the body, pancreas, helps with eye problems, negates kidney and bladder infections, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid, enthusiasm, self confidence, spiritual growth, positive energy, relieves constipation, removes cellulite, supports digestion. 

How to make your own supercharged

structured water!

Make Basic Structured Water: This is for basic structured water without the crystals.  The cheapest way to create structured water is by vortexing it yourself by stirring - taste the water, stir a jug or glass of water briskly creating a vortex, (and also creates magnetism in the water) 40 x left, 40 x right.  Taste the water - it will taste very different!  Softer and easier to drink. This simple method simulated the action of water in a fresh running stream, bouncing over and around rocks.  This method produces excellent water, however the following produces a much higher vibrational structured water which has even more beneficial properties.

Supercharged Structured Water: Optionally, you can use tumbled loose stones, or beads. Both the Rose Quartz and Citrine should be very pale in colour, and have a cloudy appearance.  Some Citrine may have a dominant orange or brown overtone, which can indicate it has been overly processed and dyed.. Look for pale soft yellow.  Clear quartz should be crystal clear, with no defects - think of it as being a clear transmitter.  You can either use loose tumbled stones at least 1" in diameter, or beads as indicated, or make 2 small "bracelets" looped together to form one piece. This method is very handy and easy to use.  

How much stone to use:

Every stone vendor will have a weigh scale for their own pricing, so simply ask them to weigh tumbled stones for you. This will total approx. 4 stones - 2 rose quartz and one each of citrine and clear quartz.  Of course more of each is fine, but roughly this proportion. As a guide, this is the approximate weight (or number of beads) needed to structure anything from one glass to 5 gallons of water. You can use more, but they work best roughly in this proportion, below.  If you are purchasing stones from a crystal shop, they will have a scale to weigh them for you. 

  • 20-25 gm tubled rose quartz
  • 10-12 gm citrine (make sure it is not dyed, especially if using beads - it should be pale yellow)
  • 10-12 gm clear quartz

Simply add these stones to the bottom of your water pitcher.  The water is highest in energy for the first 10 min after you pour a glass. 

OR - Make "water chargers" with beads instead of tumbled stones....

    If you are using beads:  Make two "bracelets", tying the second through the first.  SEE PHOTO ABOVE. 

    • Rose quartz:  9 x 12mm beads.  Scatter in 5 x 10mm clear quartz beads. 
    • Citrine,  10 x 10mm beads.  Scatter in 4 x 10mm clear quartz beads

  1. Using structured water, detoxify stretchy clear .8 to 1mm sized nylon cord used in making bracelets.  (It comes in small reels.)  Cut 2 ft of the cord and place in vortexed water for 2 minutes for detoxing. 
  2. Thread the Rose Quartz beads on the first bracelet alternating so ideally it is touching the clear quartz at least on one side, then tie 4 double knots tightly -  leave a bit of a tail in case the knots loosen you will be able to retie them. (Normally at this stage of making a bracelet we would glue the knot, but obviously we don't want the glue in the water.) 
  3. Thread the 2nd bracelet spreading the clear quartz evenly throughout. 
  4. Before tying the knots to finish the 2nd bracelet, thread the end through the Rose Quartz bracelet so they are looped together in one unit. 

Drop the stones in the pitcher of filtered or spring water, or in the bottom of a jug filter.  After 3 minutes the water will be charged.  Leave the stones in the water, topping it up with more filtered or spring water as needed.  

Caring for and charging your water crystals

To keep the stones optimally charged, about once a month you can remove them from the filter, rinse well, pat dry, and place the stones on a bright window sill (not on metal) for at least 1/2 hour.  It is better if they are not placed in direct sunlight - just a bright window.  Then place them back in your water jug. This is not necessary, but good for the stones.

Other ways you can use supercharged structured water

Structured water transfers its energy throughout  a liquid, and raises the life force dramatically. 

  • Add 1T supercharged water to a cup of coffee to structure it. For example a cup of organic black coffee may have 30% life force energy. Add 1T crystal structured water and the life force of the coffee increases to 70%. This life force is transferred to you. 
  • Add a cup of this water to a pot of previously blended soup, juice, or smoothies (blending de-structures food and beverages).  For thicker liquids like soups and smoothies, add a little more structured water - perhaps 5-10% of the total quantity. 
  • Rinse salad or vegetables in structured water to enhance your food.  Boiling will destructure the water, but the water will already have done it's job by the time the water boils. 
  • Add supercharged water to your pet's kibble, wet food, and of course water bowl. 
  • Add a bit of structured water to you coffee, as filters will "destructure" it.  Or, you can still the coffee 40x each way to structure it. (Taste the difference!)  (Dr. Mercola live, Summerfest 2022)